Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Meadowdale has so much drama. We cant go a day without someone backstabbing someone. Somebodys always crying. Today meadowdale had a huge blow up of drama, Lets not use names, so A was dating B, one of A's friends C kissed B. Well we all know that it takes 2 people to kiss. So A got mad a B and C. A forgave B but is still mad at C. i tried to stay out of it but i love drama. on a diffrent topic, Keith and crysta are going out. Jordan and Tyler are still going out. Meadowdale is one crazy school. Katt and Annette broke up at the moment. Destiny and Lindsay Broke up. idk what else hapened today to fill you in on so...

if drama was vodka our school would be wasted.
-Meadowdale Gossiper

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