Wednesday, January 9, 2008


ok so i like this guy named joe george.
and he is really cute and really nice.
and uhmmm...
he has a girlfriend.
on other topics.
im debating wether to move in with my dad or astay with my mother and her husband.
im grounded so not much is going on with me and my friends.
im in drama class and today was really funny. two people were doing a skit and one of them walked off into what was supposed to be water...
in the drama that happens at meadowdale... brittany and tanner dated but tanner asked jade out while he was dating brittany and then they broke up and he called her a cracked out skank/skunk/racoon. and uhmm... lets see... jordan is uhmmm not a very dramatic person but i felt the need to write about her. haha. so ya im gunna go now. but ya i should start writing more again. cause im sure the drama will kick up again so ya.

ohh and i dyed my bangs blue. =]]

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Holla! said...

Your Blue Bangs must look awesome. =]